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Hold Ya Cup Testimonials

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This game was so much fun! I played this with friends at our annual holiday gathering and it was a hit! I cant wait to play this game again! 

Julius Green

Let’s get into this game!! I purchased it for myself and for a friend as a birthday gift! We played at her birthday brunch with a mixed age range. We are in our thirties and her parents are in their sixties.  The game was fun and included a wide range of questions. For the culture! The cards come as a deck in a box that can easily fit in your pocket. Definitely a take anywhere type of game and it’s so easy to play! Grab you a deck, call your friends && Hold Ya Cup. You won’t be disappointed. 


“Holdyacupgame” is the s***!! Me and some of my closest friends played this game until we couldn’t play anymore!( I mean that in the funnest most drunkest way possible!!) I definitely Recommend this game for any adult family event!


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