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How To Play


Players take turns drawing card from the deck and reading each to the group. Players will follow the card instructions and continue play around the group. Cards will require players to perform actions, answer trivia, debate, and more. 

This game involves drinking (optional with alcohol). The game can be played the following ways: 

- Setting a time limit on how long a person has to drink after an incorrect answer or drink card is pulled ( ex. 3-5 seconds) 

- Taking a shot after an incorrect answer or drink card is pulled 

- Drink rules are set by the house 

Card Types: 

Majority Rules/ One Gotta Go:

- Players will debate the options on the card and whoever does not choose the most popular answer drinks. It is recommended that after the card is read, all players say their answer at the same time. 

Choose Someone to Answer: 

-The player reading the card chooses someone to answer. If the person answers incorrectly, they drink. If the person answers correctly, the reader of the card drinks. 

Starting with you: 

-Begin with the person reading the card and move clockwise around the room until someone hesitates or repeats an answer. The person who hesitates or repeats an answer takes a drink. 

Dare or Drink: 

-Player reading the card will choose another player to either do a dare of their choice or take a drink. Once a player chooses dare, they must complete the dare or forfeit and take two drinks. 

Who Can Play: 

This game is for players ages 21 years of age and older.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not a requirement to play the game. User assumes all liability. Please drink responsibly. 

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